What are you going to say in your wedding invitations? Here are some inviting wording ideas:

Your invitations are really important for your wedding – and that’s only natural, really. After all, these cards are the “preview” to your wedding and you want everything about them to be perfect: from the design to what’s written inside.

What are you going to say in your wedding invitations, though? What are the words you should use? We have gathered some suggestions, so read on if you want to find out more.

·         Traditionally, the names of the parents of the bride come first, followed by the name of the bride, the request line, the names of the parents of the groom and the name of the groom. In very formal situations, Mr. and Mrs. are used before the names of the parents. However, these days it seems very old-school to do this and most brides and grooms choose to use their parents’ names as such (e.g. “John and Marry Jackson”).

·         In some cases, couples choose to have their names written first on the invitations and add a “together with their parents” (e.g.: “Sally Johnson and Ben Smithson, together with their parents…”). This is usually done when the couple pays for the wedding on their own with little or no financial help from their parents.

·         Your request line can be as formal or as informal as you want it to be. However, keep in mind that it should match the level of formality of the wedding itself. For example, a semi-informal way of inviting guests would be “request the pleasure of your company” and an even more informal way of doing it would be “invite you to share and celebrate”.

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Typography is so important when creating your wedding invitations!

Typography is so important when creating your wedding invitations!

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Every detail of the wedding planning process matters and it should be integrated into the whole wedding theme itself. Of course, your wedding invitations should make absolutely no exception from this.

On the contrary, your invitations are the first glimpse your guests get when it comes to the Big Day – so you will want everything about them to be perfect. And of all the elements that make for gorgeous invitations, typography is one of the most important ones.

How to pick the right typography for your wedding stationery and invitations? Read here and find out more.

·         If you want a bold wedding that’s full of uniqueness and energy, settle for a typography that speaks about that. Large, colourful, geometrical-shaped typography works best with very modern and youthful weddings and it can add a lot to the appeal of the entire wedding itself.

·         Planning a vintage wedding? Make sure the typography on your invitations matches the “decade” you want your wedding to be “set” in. For instance, if you plan on having a wedding inspired by the 60’s, your invitations’ typography should be funky and very daring.

·         If your wedding is elegant and timeless, your typography should be the same. Search for something that imitates handwriting in a beautiful way to add a romantic touch or for a typography that incorporates arabesques to add classiness and uniqueness to your wedding invitations.

·         Playful typography is also an option and it looks amazing with weddings that are full of personality and originality. From letters that imitate the Scrabble game to combining diverse typographies into an eclectic wedding invitations, the range of possibilities is almost limitless. Don’t be afraid to use your creativity!

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