Wedding Invitation Tips for Brides

Congratulations!  You’re getting married!  Now that you’ve said I do, what’s next?  We understand that wedding planning can be one of the most exciting and wonderful times in your life and yet challenge you in ways you never thought possible.  Hopefully these tips will help answer some questions you may have about the invitation process and help make designing your invitation a fun and completely stress free process.



Now making a guest list is no easy task, but once you get a general head count, and your venue max head count, you can start planning for your invitations.  If you’re feeling overwhelmed at the amount of people you are sending invitation to, remember not every person invited to the wedding gets their own invitation.  Generally invitations are sent one per household.  Meaning if Mr. and Mrs. Smith live together in the same household, they are sent one invitation.  Also couples that cohabitate in the same household are generally sent one invitation.   Additionally, if you are inviting a whole family and someone over the age of 18 lives outside of their parent’s home, it is customary to send them their own invitation.



This is you guest’s first introduction to your event.  Give them a hint of how beautiful and dazzling it will be! The following elements are ideas you can incorporate into making your wedding invitation uniquely and personally yours.

            Consider beautiful papers, colors and specialty fonts.  These elements create a unique combination that will reflect your and your fiancée’s personal style.

            Use embellishments such as ribbon, jewels, and textures.  These all add dimension and beauty to your invitation.

            Try a new shape and size.  A traditional wedding invitation is 4.5 x 6.25 inches, but most brides now are choosing invitations that are all different sizes and shapes.  A 7x7 invitation is our personal favorite – and is something different than your standard letter.

            Make your wording personal.  You want your wording to reflect your personality but also be to the point. If you have extra information you want to share with your guests, additional cards can be added so that your main invitation stays beautiful, uncluttered and easy to read.



Typically, a “Save The Date” is sent out 6-8 months early and invitations are sent 6-8 weeks early. When creating custom wedding invitations, if possible, it is best to give your stationer approximately 4-5 months to create your perfect invitations.  This gives you enough time to approve your final draft (proof reading everything) and your stationer enough time to order supplies and assemble.  Keep in mind that if you are having a destination or holiday wedding, invitations should be sent out 10-11 weeks early to give your guests enough time to plan.




Thank you cards, Programs, Menus, Table Numbers, Seating Charts, Favor Tags, all these can be made to match the theme of your invitation. Not to mention make your life easier to have them done ahead of time!


Hopefully this answers some common questions about the invitation process! If you have any more questions we would love to help. Cheers to the most exciting season!

With love of paper and all things beautiful,

Michelle, Eng and the Tange Design Team